Socio-professional processes



To put in place an internal, unique methodology within KOPSTAL CIGL and STRASSEN CIGL asbl to provide the best possible support to the projects, training and professional activities, for those persons assigned by the Agency for Development and Employment (ADEM).

To provide an efficient and effective response to the cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy (MTEESS in French) in the context of initiatives taken to restore full employment, under the law of 3 March 2009.

With ADEM, establish a collaborative partnership to optimally monitor the employees assigned to this work, in terms of socio-economic integration.


Our social initiatives envisage a methodological framework expressed by means of 4 main components, which are progressive and complementary.

Our approach is inspired by analyses and the clear results of the TRANSFER-IOD network.

Our methodology requires collaboration with partners to achieve the objectives, with: other social and Luxembourgish stakeholders (I.S., Social Office), professional organisations brought together for continuing education, public educational and professional training institutions.