Briddeler Bicherbeem

The Kopstal municipality Advisory Commission on Integration created the BRIDDELER BICHERBEEM initiative: “three “book trees” house books in different languages and for different ages. You can read them there and then or bring them home with you! You can also donate books from your own collection by putting them in one of the Bicherbeem boxes”.

  • partners: the Culture Commission of the Kopstal municipality, the Technical Department of the Kopstal municipality.
  • support: the College of Aldermen of the Kopstal municipality.
  • implementation: KOPSTAL CIGL asbl envisaged a concept which would comply with the principles of environmentally-friendly construction.

Briddeler Bicherbeem is part of a history of design continuity leading on from previous activities carried out by our social initiative, KOPSTAL CIGL asbl, in particular with regards to the environmental course carried out in KopstalSchoulen (2009): the use of untreated wood, with a recycling element.

(project since 2014)