About us

C.I.G.L= Initiative and Local Management Centre

The STRASSEN and KOPSTAL Initiative and Local Management Centres (CIGL) are non-profit associations, (asbl in French) working in the social initiative field. In response to the public policy challenges in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, such as the law of 3 March 2009 which contributes to “Restoring Full Employment“, the Strassen and Kopstal CIGL asbl work to address socio-professional issues and access to the labour market. The Strassen and Kopstal CIGL are developing a socio-economic approach which is tailored to the needs of the country. Our organisations are therefore in close contact with the local authorities in the areas we are located.

The Strassen and Kopstal CIGL asbl advocate an economic system which promotes increased solidarity and equality. In the context of collective interest projects, these objectives are to:

  • improve citizens’ quality of life.
  • restore the social link.
  • create new jobs.
  • promote heritage.

STRASSEN CIGL asbl was created on 24 June 2003.

KOPSTAL CIGL asbl was created on 6 November 1998.

Members of the ULESS (Luxembourgish Union of Social and Solidarity Economy), since July 2014.

(members of the Réseau Objectif Plein Emploi/Full Employment Objective Network until it ceased functioning in May 2013)