Coordination unit (CU)

In order to achieve the objectives set by the BD, relating to STRASSEN CIGL asbl and KOPSTAL CIGL asbl, and to comply with the obligations arising from statutes and agreements, to employee expectations regarding special measures and to ensure user satisfaction, the Coordination Unit (CU) carries out day-to-day management tasks, under the management of a “General Coordinator” (GC).

Together, the respective Boards of Directors and the General Coordinator design the overall strategy. The GC, on the basis of concrete analyses and studies, designs the socio-economic projects. The GC is in charge of promoting, among national and European partners the validity of our social initiatives. Implementation is carried out by the members of the Coordination Unit. The General Coordinator is ultimately responsible for all actions carried out by the CU.

The staff in the Coordination Unit are committed to the socio-professional monitoring of employees in order to encourage social integration while working to advance the interests of the local population and of the local authorities. Together they are developing a professional procedure inspired by the values of the social and solidarity economy.

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